29 Nov, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

How to activate body chakras and their importance for overall well-being.

Do you know an astral body is made up of 7 different points of energy? In other terms, the points of energy are considered as 7 chakras within your body which start from tail of your spine and move upwards right to your head. These chakras of revolving energy each match certain nerve bundles as we...

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27 Nov, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

10 most important yoga practices to improve PCOS.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ​(PCOS) is ​a common hormonal ​disorder affecting ​many women worldwide, ​often leading ​to irregular periods, ​weight gain, ​and fertility challenges. ​While medical ​treatments are available, ​incorporating yoga ​into your lifestyle ​can be ​a...

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14 Nov, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

How yoga can help in the detoxification of the body?

Body Detoxification Yoga Tips | Yoga Awareness Blog UKIn our busy lives filled with screens and schedules, the great outdoors often takes a backseat. However, nature has a remarkable ability to lift our spirits and promote good health. The importance of outdoor activities cannot be overstated w...

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20 Oct, 2023 | Yoga | Ashish

How Does Yoga Help Maintain Positive Mental Health?

Yoga is a holistic approach to enjoying positive mental health. When you practice yoga, you get to maintain good mental and physical health. It is important to practice the best yoga postures. This also helps you practice the art of meditation.You can practice yoga to relax your body and mind ...

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04 Oct, 2023 | Yoga | Ashish

Enjoy Great Health Benefits By Practicing Yoga 

Starting a yoga practice is a great way to enjoy a lot of physical, emotional, and mental benefits. By regularly practicing yoga, you can not only improve your range of motion, but you can also lose your tight muscles. If you want to increase your muscle strength, then yoga can help. It will assist...

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19 Sep, 2023 | Yoga | Ashish

Go online to read the best anxiety blogs USA to treat your depression

If you are suffering from depression due to your life challenges, then you should do something to motivate yourself so that you can live your life with great positivity and happiness. You can indulge yourself in activities that you love to do like swimming, dancing, etc. You can also get profession...

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16 Sep, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

What is Marma Therapy and how it promotes overall health?

Marma Therapy | Best Anxiety Blog USADo you want to maintain your good health? If so, then it is now possible with Marma therapy which cleanses your blocked energy and promotes overall health. Marma means vital points of your body. This therapy is an ayurvedic method that aids in nourishing fl...

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08 Sep, 2023 | Yoga | Ashish

What Are The Negative Impacts Of Yoga Aasan When You Do It In A Wrong Way?

While yoga asanas (poses) offer a myriad of benefits when practiced correctly, doing them the wrong way can lead to a range of negative impacts on your body and overall health. Doing yoga incorrectly can lead you down a path you'd rather avoid.Risking muscle strain and physical injuryCrank...

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05 Sep, 2023 | Yoga | Ashish

Tackle 5 Mental Problems with Yoga

Whether it's the relentless grip of stress, the stormy seas of anxiety, or the shadow of depression, the challenges our minds face can be daunting. You can pop anti-depression medicines in your mouth or try a natural solution to tackle this problem. If you do not like to swallow anti-depression med...

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25 Aug, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

Yoga Therapy Benefits – Best Yoga Blog USA

Yoga Therapy : Best Yoga Blog USAIf you want to progress towards better health and well-being then involving in yoga therapy is extremely important. It is a type of therapy that promotes mental health with a perfect combination of your mind as well as body. Yoga therapy includes various yogic...

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18 Aug, 2023 | Yoga | Ashish

Improve your mental health by reading our yoga practice blog UK

If you want to maintain or improve your mental and physical health naturally, then you should practice yoga regularly. It is the best and safest method to prevent unwanted diseases and mental stress to affect our bodies. To learn the art of yoga, you can consult a health expert who is available nea...

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08 Aug, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

Meditation: How it can change your life completely in a positive way?

Best Yoga Blog USA - Curtains Of LifeIf you are looking for an easy way to achieve peace in your life, then practicing meditation on a regular basis is very important. Meditation has the power to wipe away all your stress and bring inner harmony. Meditation is an old practice that dates back...

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02 Aug, 2023 | Yoga | Ashish

Read Top Yoga Awareness Blog UK to Maintain Your Overall Life Balance 

Best Yoga Blog USA - Curtains Of LifeOriginating in India, Yoga is a mind and body practice that is becoming extremely popular amongst people all over the world. It includes different types of bending and stretching postures which can improve flexibility in joints and muscles. By practicing it,...

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01 Aug, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

Pranayama, how it can be beneficial for your overall health?

In India, pranayama is considered an old breath method that initiates from yogic practices. With time, it has attained huge popularity in Western world due to several health benefits offered by pranayama practice. Also, pranayama involves controlling your breath in diverse styles and lengths. Prana...

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20 Jul, 2023 | Yoga | Ashish

How Yoga Practice Proves Helpful At Any Age?

Yoga helps relax you mentally and physically. You may have to master Yoga postures under a trained person. You can look around for Yoga instructors online as well. Yoga is best for anyone. For people having emotional, physical, and mental issues, Yoga is the best remedy.You can search for the b...

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18 Jul, 2023 | Mental Wellness | Ashish

How to maintain mental fitness when you are going through depression?

The experience of depression can be incredibly challenging and overpowering, impacting both your emotional state and your overall mental health. While it is vital to seek professional support, there are also actions you can proactively engage in to preserve your mental fitness amidst these difficul...

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09 Jul, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

Here is a list of the top 10 yoga practitioners for a life-changing experience to people around the globe.

Are you a fitness lover? If you wish to get consistent with your fitness routine and enjoy a healthy lifestyle then it is vital to start yoga. Yoga is an old practice that has been used for thousands of years for healing people. India is a country where yoga was born almost 5000 years ago. India...

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27 Jun, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

What is the purpose of International day of Yoga and how we celebrate it?

Celebrated on the 21st of June every year, International Yoga Day hails the physical and spiritual ability that yoga has introduced to the world. It is an outstanding source of exercise and healthy activity that millions join in and practice regularly. For several, yoga is the best way to connect ...

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20 Jun, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

How you can feel relaxed and have a mental peace practicing and understanding organic yoga?

Do you have an idea how you feel relaxed and have a peaceful mind? Then it is nothing more than yoga. It has been one of the best phenomena over the last decades, it is becoming more popular among the people who live the modern lifestyle in this contemporary world. People who live worldwide and hav...

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12 Jun, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

7 best places in the world for yoga program and holiday.

If you are planning a relaxing yoga trip but are not sure about the location then this article can assist you. Here you will know about the topmost yoga destinations in the world which offer extraordinary practice in the most stunning locations. With time, yoga is growing in popularity across the w...

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05 Jun, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

7 most common and easy yoga practices.

It’s time for you to roll out your yoga mat and discover the amalgam of physical as well as mental exercises. The best thing about yoga is that you don’t need to be a yogi or yogini in order to attain the benefits. No matter whether you are young or old, healthy or overweight, yoga has the pow...

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27 May, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

Basic necessary equipment’s to start yoga practice.

It’s time for you to bring out your yoga mat and uncover the amalgamation of physical as well as mental exercises that are practiced by yoga practitioners around the world.Whether you are young or old, fit or overweight, yoga has the power to strengthen your body and calm your mind at the sa...

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23 May, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

What basics you should consider before starting yoga practice.

Yoga is an amazing activity and its awareness is spreading across the world just like wildfire. But do you know, what all things need to be considered before starting yoga? If the answer is no, then don’t worry because this article is the best guide for you.The best thing about yoga is that a ...

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18 May, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

Why yoga is trending around the world once again?

Over the last few years, yoga has again started trending. It began as a little observed practice but now has turned out to be a mainstream form of exercise for people around the world. Also, several yoga studios have opened across the world.There are several reasons why yoga is trending onc...

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13 May, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

How yoga can help you to energize your body and soul?

Practicing yoga asanas regularly can help you to start your day on a fit note. It fulfills your body as well as the mind with energy and aids you to regain a perfect body-mind balance.The main benefit of practicing yoga regularly is, it does not require any kind of special setup or any additiona...

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11 May, 2023 | Yoga | Chirag Saxena

What is the significance of yoga and how yoga is so important for everyone?

Nowadays, everyone is living on a fast-paced and digitized planet. The pressure to thrive, meet deadlines, delivers the best quality work and hectic schedules often take a toll on your physical as well as mental well-being.Keeping this in mind, it has now become the need of the hour to creat...

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