Know the importance of mental health awareness.

May 16, 2023 ● Chirag Saxena

Nowadays, mental health has become one of the foremost topics in social media and the news. Mental illnesses affect almost 19% of the adult populace, 46% of youths, and 13% of children every year.

People fighting with their mental health might be in your family, or staying right next to your door or might work in the next workspace. You might be now wondering why mental health awareness is important. Education proves significant for everyone.

Through the process of asanas, meditation, and pranayama, yoga fosters physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. You need to know that yoga works on the aspects of your mind, spirit, and body for your overall well-being.

It’s time for people to open up now about their mental illnesses. Consequently, mental health awareness has become more accepted and understood.

Why mental health awareness is necessary?

It is important to know that conversations promoting mental health awareness are the basic foundation for departing from the stigma of the past. Educating yourself and others regarding the various aspects of mental health has several benefits. It helps in keeping you on top of your own concerns.

Mental health awareness reinforces support for coworkers, friends, and family who might be undergoing their own mental illness. Several people around the world still don’t know how to discuss mental illness. This is the time when mental health awareness raises people’s ability to open up and speak.

Mental health awareness is necessary to assist you in understanding your own mental illness symptoms. You also learn that it is okay to reach out to experts for assistance. The very first step you can take is to start by talking about your concerns with the physician.

You can also share your experiences with others as this will give them the chance to offer their support. They might also speak about their personal problems related to mental illness. In this way, you can also provide support and encouragement to other people. Keep one thing in mind, awareness is a two-way street.

What mental health disorders require more awareness?

Indeed, all kinds of mental health disorders benefit from obtaining awareness. But some people are less aware than other people. There are still some people who make jokes and take the seriousness of mental health disorders very lightly. This often causes damage to people who suffer from mental disorders.

Some of the less-understood mental health disorders are stated below:

  • Bipolar disorder

    Also, known as manic-depressive illness or manic depression, bipolar disorder is of three different types. You need to know that bipolar disorder causes tough shifts in your mood, concentration power, energy and disturbs your ability to take care of regular responsibilities.

  • Anxiety

    Nowadays, a number of anxiety disorders exist. All of them start with the same issue of having tremendous fear as well as anxiety that starts ruling your life.

    Remember anxiety is so extreme that it starts affecting your relationships, work, and overall life in general. Social phobias, panic disorders, and phobias all belong to the family of anxiety ailments.

  • Depression

    This disorder is considered a mood disorder. There are times when people end up making mistakes due to a bad mood. The symptoms of depression sometimes become so extreme that they start interfering with life and your ability to conduct everyday jobs.

  • Substance use disorder

    This type of disorder mainly denotes persistent and abusive usage of alcohol as well as drugs. People usually start using them to self-medicate signs of mental illness.

    Almost half of the people who suffer from mental illness also deal with addiction to alcohol or drugs.

What to do when suffering from mental health disorder?

Are you suffering from a mental health disorder? If yes, then it is necessary to recognize that mental health awareness is essential. There is nothing to feel shame about and stay silent when encouragement and support are required.

When you experience mental health issues, make sure to talk with family and friends and share your problems. There are some mental illnesses that endure alongside addiction.

Known as co-occurring disorders, experts are capable of treating them at the same time. While the idea of treatment might feel complex, but there are several options that exist.

How mental health awareness can aid?

When it comes to promoting mental health treatment and behavioral health, mental health awareness is necessary. It is contemplated as a critical and foundational conversation for altering to a more active model of mental health.

Here are some benefits of mental health awareness that you must know:

  • Aids in understanding your symptoms

    Sometimes, there is great power in having a diagnosis. Mental health conditions are hard to recognize and sometimes even impossible to find, a diagnosis can be confirmative incredibly. This further help people to feel less alone and make it easy to find treatment. Make sure you pay attention to your signs.

  • Start a conversation

    Mental health awareness is often considered an ongoing conversation but recently it’s only been in whispers.

    You need to know that building a support network and speaking with a mental health professional is important in easing symptoms of various mental health conditions.

What is a mental illness?

A mental illness is considered a physical illness of your brain that leads to troubles in behavior, thinking, energy, or emotion, making it difficult to deal with the usual demands of life.

The two most common mental health disorders are stated below:

  • Anxiety disorders

    Every year, more than 18% of adults struggle with some type of anxiety disorder like obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and specific phobias.

  • Mood disorders

    Mood disorders mainly include bipolar depression and depression which affects almost 10% of adults every year. People suffering from mood disorders find difficulty in regulating their moods.

Therefore, having mental awareness can help people involve support and realize they are not alone in the fight against mental illness or disorder.

Here are 10 important steps to attain mental well-being.