Meditation: How it can change your life completely in a positive way?

Aug 08, 2023 ● Chirag Saxena

If you are looking for an easy way to achieve peace in your life, then practicing meditation on a regular basis is very important. Meditation has the power to wipe away all your stress and bring inner harmony.

Meditation is an old practice that dates back almost thousands of years. Regardless of its age, meditation is popular worldwide because it provides incredible benefits for your brain and overall well-being.

What is meditation?

Meditation aids you to discover and cultivate your inner strength, resilience as well as concentration. Depending upon type of meditation you perform, you can meditate to relax, decrease anxiety as well as stress. Some people practice meditation to improve their various health disorders like familiarizing to challenges of leaving tobacco stuffs.

Meditation means to involve in mental exercise and focus on breathing for the drive of attaining a high level of spiritual awareness.

How long you must meditate?

Depending upon individual goals, like what you are hoping to achieve, the time of meditation is determined. Some people are comfortable doing meditation for just one minute, while others perform it for one hour.

However, it is best to start slow and be kind to yourself through entire process of meditation.

How to start with meditation?

Simply, start with sitting in a noiseless place for one to five minutes regularly and close your eyes. From this point, you can increase your meditation practice for a long time

Make sure you start slow because it is a fundamental process of being successful with your meditation practice.

When is the right time to meditate?

The best time to meditate is going to depend upon your lifestyle and what you wish to attain from this practice. Regular meditation practice offers a number of health benefits.

Meditation aids to improve your concentration level, improves quality of sleep, decreases stress levels, and much more. This makes it necessary for you to find right time that will work for your life.

  • Meditate in morning

    Morning is often contemplated as the best time to meditate because your mind is fresh and quiet. People who practice morning meditation often appreciate it because it helps in setting a calm and productive tone before you start your day’s activities and distractions.

  • Meditate after work

    A number of people prefer meditating right after they return home from work. In case, your job is physically demanding or mentally challenging, meditation can act as an outstanding way to relieve your tension that is built up in your body and mind while working.

    When you meditate after work, it aids you to create a helpful and clear boundary between your active work life and personal life.

  • Meditate during lunch hour

    Most meditators have their important sessions in the morning or evening, but lunch-time meditation can provide a much-required break from hustle and bustle of work.

    Whether you have just finished with a staff meeting or preparing to meet with your potential client, meditating during midday can be a great de-stressor. Also, it will aid in reducing your computer desk muscles.

  • Meditate when you feel overwhelmed or stressed out

    Certainly, there are moments when you start feeling overwhelmed at your work or home. When this happens, instead of using common remedies, try to meditate. Stop and breathe into consciousness for almost a minute or two to refresh your mind quickly.

  • Meditate before going to bed

    For some people, this is right time to unwind because day’s work is complete, kids are asleep and everything is quieter. Try meditating before going to bed because this will help you to remain alert, focused, and aware. Practicing meditation even in small doses can help in keeping in your body and soul peaceful.

    With little changes in your lifestyle, you can easily build a life that supports constant meditation practice.

What are benefits of meditation?

Meditation can be advantageous if you suffer from medical conditions, mainly one that can worsen your stress. It is important to know that meditation and breathing can aid you in promoting mindfulness. Though there are several benefits of doing meditation but below-stated are just a few of them:

  • Aids in managing mental health

    Several types of research show benefits of meditation on your mental health. Meditation practice can relieve your stress, decrease anxiety, improve self-awareness, increase kindness as well as increase self-esteem.

  • Stress reduction

    Stress in moderation is good for you but in excess, it can be dangerous for your health. Meditation and breathing practices can help in clearing and calming your mind which will further allow you to breathe better and enjoy a peaceful environment.

  • Discover to let go and be strong

    There are certain life situations that affect people deeply. The emotional baggage of unfavorable conditions and people often bother you. Sometimes, to such an extent that even your ability to live happily disintegrates.

    Meditation practice on a regular basis allows you to let go and aids you to stay firm as well as fervent about what you are doing.

  • Meditation offers energy & more efficiency

    Meditation clears your mind and increases energy levels. Remember meditation encourages your vagus nerve which ensures positive emotions as well as relaxation.

    You need to know that meditation decreases exhaustion which further reduces workplace stressors, makes you calm and energetic. As you feel more energized and have clarity of mind, efficiency starts increasing naturally.

  • Aids in healing and managing pain

    A number of studies reveal that meditation aids in managing your chronic pain efficiently. Regular meditators suffering from persistent pain are able to live with pain that is manageable easily. It is easy for people to have healing experiences from chronic conditions if meditation is practiced on a regular basis.

  • Provide you protection against heart disease

    A study revealed that eight weeks of meditation can help you to decrease c-reactive protein levels which is a major reason for the development of heart disease. Meditation provides you protection against high blood pressure which further avoids chances of heart disease.

  • Decrease aging

    Meditation not only keeps you young but also improves longevity. A major reason is, its reducing effects on stress, a factor that can lead to a negative impact on your body.

Therefore, meditation is an incredible practice that offers several benefits and changes your overall life.