What is Marma Therapy and how it promotes overall health?

Sep 16, 2023 ● Chirag Saxena
Marma Therapy | Curtains Of Life | Best Anxiety Blog USA
Marma Therapy | Best Anxiety Blog USA

Do you want to maintain your good health? If so, then it is now possible with Marma therapy which cleanses your blocked energy and promotes overall health.

Marma means vital points of your body. This therapy is an ayurvedic method that aids in nourishing flow of energy throughout your body. Stimulation of Marma points has an effect on everything in your body right from health of your organs, production of hormones to other processes of body.

What is Marma therapy?

The Sanskrit word “marma” refers to a vulnerable point. Marma therapy controls the energies in your marma points responsible for healing. You need to know that Marma therapy has an effect on delicate energy of Marma points to release rigid muscles and promote blood circulation.

When used as a treatment, Marma therapy has an instant healing as well as relaxing effect on your body. This therapy involves subtle and sometimes extreme touch on your Marma points. However, this touch offers great healing and rejuvenation.

What happens during Marma?

During Marma therapy, very light stimulation of points on your body is done. This further eliminates obstructions from your marma points and gives instant physical and psychological rest as well as strength. It is a powerful process and a therapy that works with delicate and sensitive energy points to open energy channels in your body known as srothas.

When marma points are pressed gently on your skin, they encourage a chain of positive events quickly.

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What are the different Marma points in your body?

Marma points are basically entryways to the 7 Chakra- centers in your body through which energy runs through.

In human body, there are 107 Marma points. These are points where your veins, ligament, muscles, bones, and joints meet. If these special points in your body are injured, it can lead to disability, disease, and even a deadly condition.

Some Marma points in your body include:

  • Talahridaya

    Found at the heart of your hand.

  • Indrabasti

    It is considered as the god Indra’s arrow present at the center of your calf muscle.

  • Phana

    The serpent’s hood that is located at side of your nostrils.

It is believed that there are total of 107 marma points present in different locations of your body:

  • 11 marma points in limbs.
  • 26 marma points in trunk.
  • 37 marma points in head and neck region.
  • 33 marma points located somewhere else in body.

What are the types of Marma?

There are different types of Marma that you must know:

  • SadhyaPranharMarma

    When injured, these marmas can lead to death of a person promptly or within 7 days.

  • KalantarPranharMarma

    These marmas when get injured can result in death but after some days or within 15 days.

  • VishalyaghanMarma

    After the injury of Vishalyaghanmarma, it can lead to death of a person but after removal of a foreign body.

  • VaikalyakarMarma

    This type of marma does not result in death but can cause dysfunction of a particular organ in your body.

  • RujakarMarma

    When this type of marma is injured, it does not cause death but makes you suffer from intense pain on the injured part.

Which diseases can be treated with Marma therapy?

With Marma therapy, it is now possible to treat a number of diseases. It can even deal with some chronic ailments. Here are diseases that you can treat with marma therapy:

  • Muscle and joint pain.
  • Digestion related problems.
  • Stiff joints.
  • Headaches.
  • Muscle strains.
  • Nervous system disorder.
  • Respiratory diseases.
  • Aging problems.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Low energy.
  • Paralysis.
  • Migraine.
  • Psychological problems.

How marma therapy can be beneficial for your health?

You must know that Marma therapies are deep and function at numerous levels including physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual that are responsible for creating great shifts in your overall body.

If we talk about Marma therapy, it offers a number of benefits to your overall health. Some of the advantages are stated below:

  • 1. Marma therapy can offer you a deep sense of relief.
  • 2. Marma therapy plays a vital role in improving absorption of food and promotes good digestion in your body.
  • 3. With a good healing session of Marma therapy, you can remove toxins from your body easily.
  • 4. To experience increased creativity and renew life energy, you must go through an effective Marma massage therapy.
  • 5. Marma therapy offers you instantly glowing and healthy skin.
  • 6. Your body systems are purified at all levels by undergoing marma therapy.
  • 7. Marma therapy improves consciousness and awareness in life.
  • 8. Marma therapy eliminates neurochemicals from your body like melatonin and serotonin. Removal of such neurochemicals recovers mental capabilities, allowing you a deeper sleep.
  • 9. You can balance temperature levels of your body with Marma therapy.
  • 10. A perfect marma therapy massage can change your insight for better.
  • 11. By taking Marma therapy massages regularly, you can improve your body’s respiratory, immunity, digestive, psychological, and neural systems.
  • 12. With marma therapy, it is easy to control your motor and sensory organs & energy levels. This further allows you to control your body & mind.

Therefore, if you want to deal with your health concerns without spending much then Marma therapy is a one-stop solution. It is a magical treatment that treats various health disorders without using any medications.