Basic necessary equipment’s to start yoga practice.

May 27, 2023 ● Chirag Saxena

It’s time for you to bring out your yoga mat and uncover the amalgamation of physical as well as mental exercises that are practiced by yoga practitioners around the world.

Whether you are young or old, fit or overweight, yoga has the power to strengthen your body and calm your mind at the same time. However, the fact is simply that to perform yoga, you don’t need to have a flexible body or put up with certain parameters in order to perform it.

Nowadays, there are different kinds of yoga, meditation techniques, and breathing exercises. If you wish to practice yoga to the fullest then try joining yoga classes.

When it comes to starting a new fitness routine, it is necessary to find the right equipment to get started with it. For beginners, practicing yoga at home without the assistance of a yoga teacher or the equipment given by a yoga studio can be a little challenging.

When you have the right yoga gear for practice, you automatically start feeling comfortable and confident. Even if you are an experienced practitioner, having the right yoga gear help in increasing your flexibility and strength to perform advanced yoga poses.

In case, you are planning to start your yoga practice, but are not sure what to buy then this article can help you. Here you will know about some basic items that can help you to start your yoga practice that too within your budget.

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This article will help you to know about all the essential items required to get started and other additional items to make your yoga space more productive for yoga practice.

What do you understand by essential yoga equipment?

Here essential means you absolutely require to have it. If you are biking, then you need a bike, and when rowing, you need a boat. Similarly, yoga requires a few things like a yoga mat and others.

Depending upon the type of yoga you practice, the amount of gear you will require will depend. In order to practice Vinyasa yoga, you need a block and for Iyengar, you need things like ropes, wheels, and much more. However, most physical yoga practices demand a yoga mat.

What yoga equipment are required for yoga practice?

Here is a list of equipment required for practicing yoga:

  • Yoga mat

    Your yoga studio or gym might offer you yoga mats, but it is always a good idea to have your personal yoga mat. Though studios wash and dry the mats but it might be hygienically uncomfortable to spread your toes and practice yoga.

    When you have your own yoga mat, it becomes easy to carry it anywhere and anytime. Also, you can continue your yoga practice at home during vacations. A yoga mat is a basic item that is 2 feet by 6 feet roughly. It is designed mainly to offer you grip as well as stability while practicing yoga poses.

    The main purpose of a yoga mat is to keep you safe and avoid injuries while doing yoga. You need to know that most injuries in yoga rooms happen due to slips and falls. The risk of slipping or falling increases when the amount of sweat produced increases.

    Yoga mats prevent slippage by offering you a stable surface that is usually textured and intended for grip.

  • Mat towel

    Depending on your chosen style of yoga, you might sweat a lot during practice. As a result, your yoga mat becomes dangerous and slippery. This is the time when a good mat towel comes into the picture.

    A normal hand or beach towel can work to soak up the sweat. However, if you are involved in practicing Ashtanga, Power Yoga, or Bikram then you can check out yoga-specific towels, which perfectly fit the length of the yoga mat and dries quickly as they are made from extra-absorbent material. You can also find yoga towels that come with rubber nubs on the bottom to avert slippage.

  • Yoga blocks

    Yoga blocks are made using wood, cork, or foam, yoga blocks, or bricks which are extremely helpful for beginners. They are utilized as an extension of your hands to alleviate your body while performing yoga poses which demand balance. You can find yoga blocks in different shapes and sizes.

  • Clothing

    Skinny jeans can be your favorite clothing but they might cause you trouble while practicing yoga. In order to focus on the practice, it is necessary for you to wear comfortable and breathable clothes.

    You can begin by just wearing what you wear normally to work out at the gym or go jogging. When practicing yoga poses, you must wear clothes in which you can move your body easily.

    In case, you practice more energetic styles of yoga then wear clothes that wick away your sweat and dry quickly. Most vitally, you need to wear comfortable clothing.

  • Yoga strap or yoga belt

    In case, you lack flexibility in your legs then a yoga strap can be extremely helpful for you. It is utilized as an extension of your arms which further permits you to hold onto your feet and also stretch deeper in the pose.

  • Water bottle

    No matter what style of yoga you practice, it is vital to stay hydrated. Although several drinking fountains or vending coolers are available in the yoga studio, bringing your personal water bottle will ultimately help in saving your money.

    You can find water bottles at various sporting goods stores, mainly in the design or color of your choice. For hot yoga classes, you need an insulated bottle that will keep your water cold for a long time.

  • Foam roller

    In case, you have tight and tense muscles then you need to use a foam roller. This will further help you to massage and release tension during or before your yoga practice.

    You can find foam rollers in different sizes and shapes. Depending on your body size, budget, and massage preferences, you need to choose a foam roller.

  • Eye pillow

    A weighted eye pillow is helpful in reducing tension around the eyes. Also, an eye pillow promotes deeper states of relaxation when resting in the Shavasana pose.

So, if you are planning to make yoga a part of your daily routine then make sure you have all the above-stated necessary things.

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