What basics you should consider before starting yoga practice.

May 23, 2023 ● Chirag Saxena

Yoga is an amazing activity and its awareness is spreading across the world just like wildfire. But do you know, what all things need to be considered before starting yoga? If the answer is no, then don’t worry because this article is the best guide for you.

The best thing about yoga is that a simple stretching exercise is capable of treating various health issues. Yoga is mainly about gaining that much-required knowledge about your body in both time as well as space.

When you start your yoga practice for the first time, you might have difficulty adopting a transposition or concentrating on a precise movement in the body. But always remember you are learning something new. If you give yoga enough time, it is not as complicated as it appears.

What things must be considered before starting yoga?

Several people around the world often involve in yoga to enjoy a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. In case, you are not sure how to introduce yoga in your daily life then here are some tips that can help you to get started with.

Incorporating the yoga basics

When you know the few basic rules of yoga, it offers you amazing confidence. Yoga does not demand anything fancy. All you require are comfortable, and loose clothes that will help your body to move easily.

The stretching exercises in yoga involve a wide range of motion of your limbs. This means your clothes need to be loose enough to permit movement and also tight enough to prevent awkward conditions.

Invest in a good mat and if you are unsure that you will fall in love with yoga or not then purchase a less expensive mat unless you are committed.

Learn yoga from an experienced yoga teacher

It is always best to begin learning yoga under the direction of an experienced yoga teacher who will help you to go through the right way of doing each yoga. In this way, you will learn yoga asanas properly and avoid all possible injuries.

Some of the techniques or philosophies taught in yoga might be new but it is always better to keep an open mind. This will further help you to broaden your vision and also improve your yoga experience.

Always eat on time

It is necessary that your stomach as well as bowels are empty before you begin the yoga practice. Between your last meal and your workout, there must be a gap of two to four hours. When you practice yoga on a full stomach, it can make you feel uncomfortable.

In order to attain maximum benefits from your yoga sessions, you must strictly avoid the consumption of fried junk, salty and spicy food. Also, avoid having aerated drinks as well as artificial sweeteners which will make you inactive.

Leave your footwear and phone outside

It is vital to know that yoga is practiced bare feet always. Shoes or footwear are not required because practicing yoga means connecting and grounding your body. Leave your footwear on the rack present outside of your yoga space.

While practicing yoga asanas, you must be present in the moment and also be aware of every sensation you experience. A ringing phone will not only distract you but also other people present around you. The moment you enter your yoga class, turn your phone on silent mode.

Try to comprehend the core of yoga

When it comes to yoga, it is not only about intense flexibility or twisting your muscles & spine in fancy shapes. Remember yoga is also about breathing, discovering inner force via meditation, and creating self-determination in your body by performing fundamental yoga poses.

While performing yoga poses, do not worry about losing weight or bending over backward. You need to understand that yoga is not only a process but also an essential part of your lifestyle. Remember physical practice is only the part of eight limbs of yoga.

Do not quit imprudently

You might love the concept of yoga but might start feeling disappointed once you join a class. Try not to lose hope so early. Before you decide yoga is not meant for you, try almost different yoga studios and styles of yoga as well.

The teacher you prefer to guide you through your yoga journey will decide a large bit of your yoga practice. It is vital for you to practice under an experienced yoga trainer. Make sure that you connect with and understand your instructor properly.

If clarification is required about something, do not hesitate to ask your yoga teacher or yoga trainer.

Make use of a clean and non-slip mat

A yoga mat helps you to work through your routine without being distressed about slipping into the poses. Along with this, it also offers padding to your joints, mainly your wrists, and knees.

You need to select a mat that comes with enough stickiness or grip that holds your hands as well as feet in place. In order to properly maintain the traction of your mat and avoid unpleasant smells, you must clean your mat daily.

Alter for your body and needs

Generally, in the starting, you will find difficulty in attaining every pose covered in your class. In case, you have any trouble then discuss it with your instructor because he/she will aid you to find the right ways to make it simpler on your body.

Never be afraid of using straps, blocks, or blankets to make yoga practice easy for your body.

Therefore, the basic requirement of performing yoga is comfortable clothing because you will require to perform several moves and stretch a lot as well. Yoga is also about practice because you get better with time.

You should know about basic required equipment’s for yoga practice.