10 most important yoga practices to improve PCOS.

Nov 27, 2023 ● Chirag Saxena

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ​(PCOS) is ​a common hormonal ​disorder affecting ​many women worldwide, ​often leading ​to irregular periods, ​weight gain, ​and fertility challenges. ​While medical ​treatments are available, ​incorporating yoga ​into your lifestyle ​can be ​a valuable and ​holistic approach ​to managing PCOS ​and improving ​your chances of ​conceiving. In ​this article, we ​will explore ​ten essential yoga ​practices in ​simple, easy-to-understand words, ​specifically designed ​to enhance PCOS ​management and ​promote fertility.

Yoga ​offers a ​gentle yet effective ​way to ​balance hormones, reduce ​stress, and ​enhance overall well-being. ​These practices ​can be performed ​by women ​of all ages ​and fitness ​levels, providing a ​natural path ​towards better health ​and increased ​fertility. Let’s dive ​into these ​empowering yoga techniques ​that can ​help you take ​charge of ​your PCOS and ​work towards ​the dream of ​motherhood.

1. ​Deep Breathing:

Deep ​breathing exercises, ​like “pranayama,” are ​foundational in ​yoga. They calm ​the nervous ​system and reduce ​stress, which ​is vital for ​managing PCOS. ​Practicing deep breathing ​regularly helps ​balance hormones and ​prepares the ​body for conception. ​Sit in ​a comfortable position, ​inhale deeply ​through your nose, ​filling your ​lungs, and exhale ​slowly through ​your mouth. Repeat ​this several ​times daily to ​reduce stress ​levels and support ​hormonal harmony.

​2. Surya Namaskar ​(Sun Salutation):

​Surya Namaskar is ​a series ​of yoga poses ​that enhance ​flexibility and increase ​blood flow ​to reproductive organs. ​This practice ​strengthens the body ​and promotes ​hormonal balance. Start ​with a ​few rounds daily ​and gradually ​increase. Include gentle ​stretches like ​the cobra pose ​and forward ​bend to alleviate ​PCOS symptoms ​and improve fertility.

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​3. Butterfly ​Pose:

The butterfly ​pose, also ​known as “Baddha ​Konasana,” is ​a great yoga ​move for ​PCOS and fertility. ​It helps ​wake up your ​ovaries and ​other reproductive parts ​by making ​your blood flow ​better. To ​do it, sit ​with your ​feet together and ​try to ​gently push your ​knees toward ​the floor. Stay ​in this ​pose for a ​few minutes ​every day. It’s ​like giving ​your pelvis a ​good stretch ​and making it ​more flexible. ​This helps your ​reproductive system ​work better and ​can support ​your dream of ​having a ​baby if you’re ​dealing with ​PCOS.

4. Child’s ​Pose:

Child’s ​pose, also known ​as “Balasana,” ​is a comfy ​yoga pose ​that helps when ​you’re stressed, ​something that often ​happens with ​PCOS. To do ​it, kneel ​down and sit ​on your ​heels. Stretch your ​arms forward ​and put your ​forehead on ​the floor. This ​pose calms ​your nervous system, ​which is ​like your body’s ​stress manager. ​It tells your ​stress hormones ​to take a ​break and ​helps your hormones ​stay balanced. ​Try doing this ​pose every ​day, and it ​can bring ​calmness and balance ​to your ​body when dealing ​with PCOS, ​making you feel ​better.

5. ​Cat-Cow Stretch:

The ​cat-cow stretch ​helps alleviate back ​pain, a ​common symptom of ​PCOS, while ​also massaging the ​reproductive organs. ​Start on your ​hands and ​knees, arch your ​back upwards ​like a cat, ​and then ​drop it downwards ​like a ​cow. This gentle ​movement enhances ​flexibility, eases discomfort, ​and stimulates ​pelvic circulation, supporting ​reproductive health.

​6. Legs Up ​the Wall ​Pose:

The Viparita ​Karani pose, ​also called “legs ​up the ​wall,” is a ​yoga pose ​that helps make ​your blood ​flow better in ​your pelvic ​area and keep ​your hormones ​balanced. To do ​it, lie ​on your back ​with your ​legs straight up ​against a ​wall. This yoga ​move can ​help you relax, ​reduce stress, ​and let your ​body heal ​naturally. It’s especially ​good for ​women with PCOS ​and those ​who want to ​improve their ​chances of getting ​pregnant. Try ​to do this ​pose every ​day for 5-10 ​minutes to ​support your health ​and fertility.

​7. Reclining Bound ​Angle Pose:

​Also known as ​”Supta Baddha ​Konasana,” this yoga ​pose is ​especially beneficial for ​PCOS as ​it opens up ​the pelvic ​region, stretches the ​groin, and ​stimulates the ovaries. ​Lie on ​your back with ​your feet ​together and knees ​apart, allowing ​your arms to ​rest comfortably. ​This practice improves ​blood flow ​to reproductive organs ​and enhances ​fertility.

8. Bridge ​Pose:

The ​bridge pose, known ​as “Setu ​Bandha Sarvangasana,” is ​a helpful ​yoga position for ​strengthening the ​pelvic area and ​giving your ​thyroid gland a ​gentle boost. ​The thyroid gland ​is important ​for controlling hormones ​in your ​body. To do ​this pose, ​lie on your ​back with ​your knees bent ​and feet ​flat on the ​floor. Lift ​your hips up, ​making a ​shape like a ​bridge. Hold ​it for a ​few breaths, ​then lower your ​hips and ​do it again. ​This yoga ​move can ease ​PCOS symptoms ​and help balance ​your hormones, ​making you feel ​better if ​you’re dealing with ​PCOS.

9. ​Seated Forward Bend:

​The seated ​forward bend, or ​”Paschimottanasana,” stretches ​the spine and ​pelvic region, ​improving blood flow ​to the ​ovaries and uterus. ​Sit with ​your legs extended ​forward and ​gently reach for ​your toes. ​This pose enhances ​flexibility, reduces ​stress, and supports ​reproductive health. ​Practice it regularly ​to alleviate ​PCOS symptoms and ​boost fertility.

​10. Corpse Pose:

​The corpse ​pose, also known ​as “Shavasana,” ​is a wonderful ​relaxation exercise ​that can make ​you feel ​better overall and ​reduce stress, ​which is really ​important when ​you have PCOS. ​To do ​it, lie flat ​on your ​back, close your ​eyes, and ​just concentrate on ​your breathing. ​This practice helps ​your mind ​relax, reduces anxiety, ​and brings ​your hormones back ​into balance. ​At the end ​of your ​yoga practice, spend ​a few ​minutes in this ​pose to ​refresh your body ​and mind. ​It’s like a ​little break ​that can make ​a big ​difference in managing ​PCOS and ​feeling more at ​ease.


​Incorporating these ten ​simple yet ​effective yoga practices ​into your ​daily routine can ​significantly improve ​PCOS management and ​enhance your ​fertility. Yoga offers ​a holistic ​approach to addressing ​the physical ​and emotional aspects ​of PCOS, ​promoting hormonal balance, ​reducing stress, ​and supporting reproductive ​health. Remember ​that consistency is ​key. With ​patience and dedication, ​you can ​harness the power ​of yoga ​to take control ​of your ​PCOS and work ​towards the ​beautiful dream of ​becoming a ​parent.