How yoga can help you to energize your body and soul?

May 13, 2023 ● Chirag Saxena

Practicing yoga asanas regularly can help you to start your day on a fit note. It fulfills your body as well as the mind with energy and aids you to regain a perfect body-mind balance.

The main benefit of practicing yoga regularly is, it does not require any kind of special setup or any additional equipment to get started with it. It is important to know that yoga offers several physical and mental health benefits. There are certain yoga poses that increase the energy levels of your body.

Through the process of asanas, meditation, and pranayama, yoga fosters physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. You need to know that yoga works on the aspects of your mind, spirit, and body for your overall well-being.

Yoga increases the mobility of your body, assisting you to feel more energized.

How yoga transforms your energy?

There are times when mental or physical stress, exertion, and lack of sleep can make you feel tired. Prevention in such cases usually demands self-observation and requires you to listen to your body. This means you need to stop pushing your mind and body beyond its limits.

However, walking or indulging in some physical activity can increase your body’s energy levels. It is vital to know that some yoga poses are very good at decreasing fatigue and adjusting your cortisol hormone- too little of which can affect your energy.

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As your stress levels go down, energy levels automatically begin to improve. By balancing poses and backbends, you can improve the energy of your body. Practicing yoga release happy hormones in your system. These hormones further make you feel joyous and enthusiastic throughout the day.

Even practitioners of yoga say that consistent and regular practice of yoga makes your life happy and fulfilled.

What are the different yoga postures to boost your body’s energy?

Here are different yoga postures that can help you to boost the energy of your body:

  • Paschimottanasana

    Paschimottanasana involves stretching your entire body mainly the calf and hamstring muscles, aiding to increase blood circulation. It offers a perfect stretch to your spine and elongates it at the same time.

    This yoga posture stimulates your nervous system and the spine & neck. As a result, your energy chakras are opened. It also assures proper functioning of your internal system and increases the supply of blood to your abdominal organs.

  • Cobra pose

    The cobra pose is responsible for strengthening your chest, shoulders, upper back, and neck. It helps in stretching your spine and ensures spinal mobility improvement of your upper & mid-back. Also, this yoga pose opens the 4 chakras of your body, decreasing tension, fatigue, and stress, and boosting body energy.

  • Sukhasana

    If you wish to bring some necessary life energy into a seated posture then try Sukhasana. After morning meditation, you can practice this yoga posture and uplift your spirits as well as brighten the day.

    You might not think of starting this energy-boosting yoga pose but once you try it, you feel definitely feel energized throughout the day. Also, this yoga asana is the best way to start your practice.

  • Utkatasana

    You might find sitting in a chair easy and comfortable but sitting in an imaginary chair posture can slight challenging for you. However, this asana not only unblocks your energy, but is a great exercise for your spine, hips, and chest muscles.

    Practicing this yoga posture every day will not only enhance your energy level but also strengthen the lower back and torso as well.

  • Downward facing dog

    Downward facing dog is considered the foundational pose of yoga and the best way to start your yoga practice. It provides a great stretch to your hamstrings and shoulders. This yoga posture energizes your body as your head is below the heart.

    However, you will experience an increase in your heart rate a bit when practicing downward-facing dog posture.

  • Ardha Mastyendrasana

    Ardh Mastyendrasana is helpful in increasing the flexibility of your spine and supporting your side and back muscles at the same time. It also tones your abdominal and core muscles by decreasing the fat in your belly.

    This yoga posture opens up your chest area and increases the supply of oxygen, giving a quick energizing effect to your mind as well as your body.

  • Surya Namaskara

    Surya Namaskara is one of the best ways to stay active throughout the day. It is also contemplated as the supreme yoga asana. Surya Namaskara is beneficial for your overall body.

    It helps to boost body energy, improve body posture, aid in weight reduction, strengthen the muscles, give radiant skin, decrease blood sugar levels, tone the body, and decrease the pain of menstrual cramps.

  • Naukasana

    This yoga posture is also called boat pose because of its semblance to the shape of a boat. It is helpful in strengthening your vertebral column and improving the efficiency of your abdominal system. If you wish to improve your digestion and reduce weight then practice Naukasana every day.

    This yoga posture tones your belly and strengthens the legs, hip flexors as well as arms. Apart from all this, Naukasana improves the functioning of your liver, kidneys, pancreas and keeps you active all day.

  • Nadi shodhan pranayama

    The region between your eyebrows is the exact place where all your nadis meet. Activating this energy center is easy, best, and most effective way to energize your body as well as calm the mind.

    This yoga posture works amazing for various circulatory and respiratory problems. Also, it balances the right and left hemispheres of your brain. Doing Nadi Shodhan pranayama regularly makes your body get rid of amassed stress.

  • Bitilasana

    This spine-warming yoga is often the best warm-up exercise. It stretches your back and strengthens the abdominal organs, torso as well as neck. This yoga asana improves mental stability, coordination, concentration, and focus.

    Bitilasana boosts circulation in and around your vertebral column, relieving back pain & stress. All this further contributes to energizing your body.

Therefore, practicing yoga postures in the morning every day offers you amazing health benefits and boosts your body’s energy. All the above-stated yoga postures are ideal for starting your day, reducing physical & mental stress and re-energize your body once again.

Significance and Importance of Yoga.