Why yoga is trending around the world once again?

May 18, 2023 ● Chirag Saxena

Over the last few years, yoga has again started trending. It began as a little observed practice but now has turned out to be a mainstream form of exercise for people around the world. Also, several yoga studios have opened across the world.

There are several reasons why yoga is trending once again. Remember your body is just like an indicator and it keeps on realizing some major facts about yourself. If you know how to watch it, it is going to tell you everything about your body.

Remember your mind is very deceptive and each day it tells something different. However, if you have an idea about reading your body, it will tell everything right be it past, present or future. This is the reason; fundamental yoga begins with your body.

It is important for you to know that yoga is the tour of the self, through the self, and to the self. Yoga is trending again because it is extremely effective. When practiced properly and continuously, yoga aids in improving your overall well-being.

Yoga offers amazing physical as well as mental health benefits for people of all age groups. In case, you are going through an illness or want to recover from a chronic condition, including yoga in your daily regime can help to speed up the healing.

Why yoga is trending?

Yoga offers incredible health benefits if practiced on a regular basis. People who practice yoga on a regular basis feel less stressed and have a better sense of well-being at the same time.

With time, yoga has gained popularity once again because it alleviates the symptoms of depression, anxiety and promotes good physical fitness. Not only this but yoga is also associated with improving sleep quality and reducing the chances of experiencing insomnia.

What do you mean by yoga?

The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘union’. It means harmony between your mind, body, and spirit. Postures or asanas, breathing techniques known as pranayama, and meditation all combine together to fortify the yogic mind-body-spirit amalgamation.

How does yoga help people?

Yoga is helpful in bringing together the spirit, mind, and body. This makes people look at fitness in a different way. Asanas help your body to exercise while meditation and pranayama aid in relaxing as well as reducing stress. As a result, every part of life is improved.

Yoga helps people to increase energy, clear the mind and stay focused in order to be creative.

Reasons Yoga is gaining popularity

Yoga is popular as it is extremely effective. When practiced carefully and constantly, yoga develops well-being both subjectively as well as objectively. The purpose of yoga is self-fulfilling, adoring your practice means to really be well because the benefits of yoga go even beyond the mat.

Here are some reasons why yoga is gaining popularity:

  • Improve the quality of life

    Practicing yoga when compared to other types of exercises such as walking or going to the gym considerably enhances the quality of life you lead because yoga is not an exercise.

    Patients suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment like chemotherapy can experience great changes by practicing yoga. Remember yoga can help you to reduce cancer symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, vomiting, and mood swing.

  • Yoga helps to provide relief from back pain

    You must know that yoga is as good as basic stretching for reducing pain and improving flexibility in people suffering from lower back pain. Yoga is often considered the very first-line treatment for treating chronic low back pain.

  • Yoga makes you feel less lonely

    Even if you practice yoga alone, connecting with yourself through yoga can aid you to feel less alone.

  • Helps in improving your heart health

    It is believed that including yoga in your lifestyle or daily routine can decrease cholesterol by 23%. This further decreases the progression of heart disease by 47% in heart patients.

  • Yoga provides relief from stress

    Several people around the world are experiencing the impact of prolonged stress. However, doing yoga on a regular basis can provide quick relief from stress. It is believed that yoga, especially asana is amazing at decreasing stress.

    Physical practice is just one attribute of yoga but meditation, and breath work show great results in reducing tension and relieving stress.

  • Builds good muscle strength

    Strong muscles often protect you against conditions like back pain, arthritis and prevent falls in old age people. Including yoga in your daily routine helps to build strength and balance it with great flexibility.

    However, people going to the gym and lifting weights might end up building strength at the cost of flexibility.

  • Yoga transforms your energy

    In case, your morning routine begins with dragging yourself out of bed and drinking a cup of coffee then it’s time for you to start practicing Surya Namaskar or Kapalbhati pranayama because they will have energizing effects on your nervous system.

    Just a few minutes of asana practice can aid in rebalancing your nervous system, calm the mind, and offer you a distinct perspective.

  • Yoga promotes good metabolism

    Indulging in yoga practice regularly will aid to get the breath, blood, and muscles moving before having breakfast. This further allows the nutrients from the food to be absorbed properly in your body.

    The strong practice of yoga not only helps in building muscle but also boosts your metabolism. Practicing breathing yoga asanas increase the circulation of blood and boost metabolism.

  • Yoga calms your skin

    It is important to know that yoga is the very first place in your body that show signs of stress as well as nutrient deficiency. By practicing pranayama and meditation along with other active yoga practice, your body receives better circulation and decrease stress levels. As a result, the chances of experiencing skin conditions like acne and eczema are reduced.

Therefore, yoga is trending once again around the world because its incorporation can change your life drastically.

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