7 most common and easy yoga practices.

Jun 05, 2023 ● Chirag Saxena

It’s time for you to roll out your yoga mat and discover the amalgam of physical as well as mental exercises. The best thing about yoga is that you don’t need to be a yogi or yogini in order to attain the benefits.

No matter whether you are young or old, healthy or overweight, yoga has the power to calm your mind and intensify the body at the same time. Practicing yoga on a regular basis offers great health benefits. Apart from flexibility and balance, yoga provides amazing perks to your body.

Yoga is capable of doing everything right from fighting against anxiety, depression, stress and to decreasing inflammation in your body.

Practicing yoga regularly not only makes you feel better but also helps you to become strong, calm, happy, healthy, and flexible at the same time. Yoga gives you the chance to connect with your mind, body, and spirit in a way that is not possible with physical activity.

Yoga practice allows you to explore parts of yourself that might not be possible otherwise. It also offers you a safe space where you can try new things, fail and try once again. By practicing yoga, you also learn perseverance, patience, balance, and modesty.

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7 Most Common Yoga Practices

It is vital for you to know that yoga combines movement, meditation, and mindfulness in different forms. Below-stated are the 7 most common yoga practices that can benefit your mind and body as well.

  • Hatha yoga

    Hatha is the Sanskrit word that means force. Hatha yoga is helpful in restoring the balance of your body. This yoga practice ensures harmony between your chakras as well as energy points. The chakras are considered vortexes of energy or points in your body where the energy stays concentrated. You must know that chakras are present in your body in seven different locations and connect to precise glands and organs.

    Hath yoga includes several physical postures and positions that further balance your mind and body. This type of yoga practice aid you to de-stress, stay physically fit and make you look younger.

    At the same time, hatha yoga cleanses and heals your entire body system. Practicing hatha yoga regularly can promote weight loss and tones muscles.

  • Ashtanga yoga

    Contemplated as the eight-limbed track of yoga, Ashtanga is another traditional and common yoga practice. This fast-paced practice includes flowing through a precise sequence of postures.

    Since this yoga includes speed and lack of cueing, Ashtanga yoga is not suggested for beginners. It is a very intense form of yoga that is super structured as well as firm on some alignment points.

    Ashtanga yoga focuses on pushing your body to get into the right shape and build the right strength and stamina.

  • Child’s pose

    If you wish to get a perfect gentle stretch through your neck spine and hips then give it a try to child’s pose yoga practice. This calming pose is the best default pause position. In order to rest and refocus before starting your next pose, you can practice this yoga.

    This yoga practice stretches your lower back, knees, hips, thighs, and ankles gently. At the same time, a child’s pose also relaxes your neck, spine, and shoulders. People with knee injuries, high blood pressure or ankle issues must avoid this yoga.

  • Tree pose

    Apart from enhancing your balance, tree poses yoga will also strengthen your ankles, core, thighs, calves, and spine. People who wish to work on their balance and posture must perform this yoga every day.

    However, if you suffer from low blood pressure or any other medical condition that can affect your balance then do not perform tree pose yoga. When performing this yoga pose, simply concentrate on your breath in and out.

  • Kundalini yoga

    Kundalini yoga is also called the yoga of awareness and includes repetitive poses. This yoga practice also stimulates your hidden kundalini shakti. This spiritual energy exists in the base of your spine.

    Yogis often believe that Kundalini Shakti is just like a looped snake that is unaroused at the base of the spine. In this way, active energy starts moving upward in the spine and contribute to spiritual happiness.

    In case, you are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, and other cognitive function problem then perform Kundalini yoga every day. Movements start with a chant and then followed by pranayama. Then you perform kriya which is a set of postures or mudras. At last, pranayama, chanting, and meditation are performed.

  • Aerial yoga

    Aerial yoga is also a common yoga practice that is appropriate for both advanced people as well as beginners. This type of yoga can help you to build lean and toned muscles.

    When opposed to traditional yoga, aerial yoga also includes other exercises-all while challenging gravity. Aerial yoga comes with the goodness of yoga and cardio exercises such as running or swimming.

    This type of yoga practice offers amazing benefits to your overall body like improving flexibility, offering relief from stress, burning body fat, increasing core strength, providing relief from stress, and improving flexibility.

  • Corpse pose

    Just like life, yoga classes often end with a Corpse pose. This yoga practice gives you a moment of relaxation but not everyone is able to stay motionless in this pose. But the more you try this pose, the easy it will become to stay in a peaceful and meditative state.

Therefore, practicing these common yoga poses offer incredible benefits to your overall body. It will not only keep your joints and back healthy but also improve your overall balance.